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As a Broadway performer, I was frustrated that there was nothing that really worked to counteract dry mouth before, during and after performances. After years of suffering and seeking dry mouth treatment, I created the throat lozenges I always needed -- but couldn’t find.

Using a unique patented formula Fontus lozenges provides moisturizing relief from dryness and produces a saliva response to assist with dry mouth as well as the recovery of hoarse or strained vocal cords. It also tastes amazing! I added Manuka honey to promote healing because it contains both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Whether you are a performer, teacher, public speaker or frequent flyer, millions of us suffer from dry mouth. I hope Fontus Dry Mouth Lozenges gives you as much relief as it has me.


-Kaitlin Hopkins


Creator, President Fontus Dry Mouth Lozenges

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