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Where to Find Fontus

Where Can I Find Fontus Green Apple Throat Lozenges? 


Fontus Green Apple Throat Lozenges are available online at the following locations:


Independent Pharmacies in the New York Area Include: 

Elm (1695 1st Avenue)

Apthorp (2201 Broadway)

Joseph Pharmacy (216 W 72nd Street)

Zitomers (969 Madison Avenue)

Cordette Pharmacy (55 W 39th)

Esco Pharmacy (687 9th Avenue)

Bowen Pharmacy (881 10th Avenue)

Z Chemist (40 W 57th Street)

Windsor Pharmacy (1419 6th Avenue)

Arrow Pharmacy (883 9th Avenue)

Park West Pharmacy (463 Columbus Avenue)

Thomas Drugs (171 Columbus Avenue #1)

Jaro’s (25 Central Park West)

West Side Pharmacy (255 Columbus Avenue)

Ansonia (442 6th Avenue)

Elm Health (56 7th Avenue)

Village Apothecary (346 Bleecker Street)

Halperns (331 E 23rd), Pasteur (53 E 34th)

Bio Care (222 8th Avenue)

Nu Way Surgical (1789 1st Avenue)

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